Satellite sighting

Satellites can be seen with the naked eye, or with a telescope, from an observer location on the Earth, when the satellite is sufficiently close, is illuminated by the sun and the observer is at a night-time or close to night-time location.

The satellite sighting function allows to obtain these observation timelines.

The function is called from menu Visibilities / Satellite sighting .... The menu is active only if there are satellites selected in the satellites scenario tree.

SaVoir will open a configuration dialogue, which allows to define

- the time period of analysis, initially the same of SaVoir simulation scenario

- the Latitude and Longitude of the observer location. The initial values are those of the centre of SaVoir map in its current view.

- Minimum satellite elevation threshold, as seen from the observer, to consider a sighting event.

- Satellite orbit height range for valid observations. Initially configured with the current selected satellites minimum and maximum heights.

SaVoir will generate a sighting Gantt and a sighting report view.

In the Gantt view you may access tools to display the elevation and / or azimuth profile of each pass


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